SEO (Search Engine Optimization)



Introduce To SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a technique used for: designing and developing a website be to rank high in search engine results. It is a subset of search engine marketing. Thus SEO is useful in increasing the number of visitors to a website. There are many strategies and techniques adopted to optimize the webpage. This chapter introduces few ways at the beginners level.



Types Of SEO

• ON-PAGE SEO : It includes Provision of good content, good keywords selection, putting keywords on correct places, giving appropriate title to every page etc. Off-Page SEO

• OFF-PAGE SEO It includes link building, increasing link popularity by submitting open directories, search engines, link exchange etc




Techniques Of SEO

• White Hat SEO :Techniques that search engines recommends as apart of good design.

• Black Hat SEO  : Techniques that search engines do not approve. The Techniques used for optimizing the Website are manipulative.


Example Of Optimised Web Pages

• Example 1

<!doctype html>


<head><title> Page structure with

appropriate order of opening and

closing tags</title>



<h1> Let us understand SEO</h1>

<p>Webpage optimization helps for

higher ranking in search engines.

<b>There are number of ways to

opimize the pages.<i>Even the Social

media plays an important role!!!</i>




(Note : In the above example check the ordering of <p>,<b>and<i>. The innermost tag ends first, followed by the outermost tag. The other basic tags also follow a proper ordering as per the HTML structure.)


•Example 2

<!doctype html>


<head><title> Meta tag and Image tag


<meta name = “description” content =

“statue of liberty”>

<meta name = “keywords” content =

“alt, optimization of image”>

<meta name = “image” content =

“statue of liberty”>


<h1> Let us understand Meta and

Image for optimization </h1>


<img src =”statue of liberty.

jpg”alt=”Statue of liberty image”/>




(Note : In the above example meta tag ks used with important and valid keywords related to that image, like the image source as statue of liberty and from the view of optimisation of <img> tag.)



 SEO stands for Search Engine optimization .

 Apart from the Content of the website being the king of Optimization there are

many other factors to improve the ranking .

 Keywords used in <title>,<meta> and heading levels play key role. Use of proper

order of tags and structure, is equally important.

 <img> with alt attribute also contributes to Optimization .

 Social media links and backlinks are also major factors to optimise the webpage.

 Apart from this mobile friendliness, speed also rank the websites higher.

 A SEO Audit tools like SEOptimer and SEOmator are the tools to determine the

health of the website.


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